Free version released!!!

Free version released!!
We finally developed free version now!

— Premium Features—

◉ One-handed mode

◉ Change Patterns as many times as you want

◉ Change the Patterns automatically

◉ Drag and drop the "Memo" button for easy calculation.

◉ Drag-and-drop the "%" button to easily change the value to include tax.

◉ Two memo function

— free Features —

◉ You can change the Patterns after see the reward ads

◉ Share your screenshot easily

◉ Many styles to choose

◉ Easy to read numbers

◉ Easy to press buttons

◉ Easy one memo function

◉ iPad compatible!

◉ Swipe right to correct.

◉ Swipe left to correct a single number.

◉ Change button color from black ⇄ white.

◉ Switch between "+", "-", "×", "÷" as many times as you like even if you make a mistake

Thank you!!




Download Here!



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